About CARE Resources

These are additional information to help you understand CARE as an organization. You are strongly advised to read this information when you are settled.

  • History of care

    Learn of how care began, its formation, how the organization as a whole has evolved to the NGO it is today. More

  • Care today

    Learn about what care deals with today, its locations, employee figures, its organizational... More

  • Program approach

    Find out what a program approach is, and why Care employees program approach?More

  • Cares strategic plan

    Find out what Care USAs strategic plan is, as well as its signature programs and campaigns.More

  • Structure and funding

    Take a look at the structure of CARE and its funding. More

  • What care expects of you

    Find out what care expects of its employees, our code of conduct, global policies, Donor compliance, procurement, ... More

  • Resources and links

    Get access to various resources such as the care academy courses which are compulsory of your orientation, Employee wellness... More

  • Helpful links

    View this link for more detail information about Tanzania. More

  • Your Job Orientation

    This section contains important information and procedures that new hires are obliged to go through from the word go!

  • About CARE Resources

    This section will provide you everything you'll need to know about CARE

  • TanzaniaVisitors Guide

    This will give you a geographical insight, Tanzania fact, health, safety and security info